Keyshia Cole you TRIED IT !!

she had the NERVE to say that about michelle ! thats like calling the pot kettle black, michelle has always been nice and humble never rude , but YET MICHELLE always getting dissed and over looked lemme give you was notes michelle is part one of the most successful girl groups of all time Destiny’s Child. has performed on broadway like chicago; aida and now fela all over the U.S. and Europe has a #1 gospel albums under her belt; has 3 grammys yet she’s battling depression but still has the strength to continue and be great with her life and perform at the superbowl not once BUT TWICE (national anthem w/ DC and the halftime show as DC) meanwhile keyshia cole is at HOME WATCHING the superbowl HATING ! you on a $3 perm box at sally’s or any other beauty supply store and dont know how to act; BITCH YOU BETTER HUMBLE YOURSELF !! then she can’t even get out of the U.S. market hell she only performs for BET and Soul Train Awards and no other award show wants her to perform with her loud OFF KEY ASS or even be in the audience. but since you throwing salt keyshia lets talk about how your own hometown wanted YOU to open up for THE WEEKEND YOUR OWN HOMETOWN oakland dont even show you love like that ! but you coming for michelle ! then you cant sing and dance YOUR DAMN self !! now girl lets not forget this ——> her “his eye is on the sparrow LIVE” ! even JESUS couldnt save your performance while you crying out “lord jesus help me” meanwhile michelle williams SLAYING gospel songs LIVE on key !! ——> i rather be in Michelle’s shoes than Keyshia cause Michelle ALWAYS has SOMETHING going on ! Keyshia Cole have several fucking seats ____/ _____/ _____/ and others who keep dissing Michelle Williams yall can join keyshia cole and play MUSICAL CHAIRS !!

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Posted on Monday, 4 February
Tagged as: Keyshia Cole Michelle Williams Bitch You TRIED IT you tried it you aint cute bum bitches
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